How does yellow gold turn into white gold

How does yellow gold turn into white gold

What is white gold made of?

White gold is similar in appearance to silver, but those who have gained experience in the subject can differentiate between the two. It is important to know that the percentage level of pure gold does not have to reach

White gold was produced

Reflected in color. What affects the color of gold is the type of metals added to it and their percentage level. If we look at white gold it seems that its color can be achieved through a combination of yellow gold and different materials.

The white gold can be made of yellow gold and 25% Liguria (alloy materials) or yellow gold. Also, white gold can be composed of yellow gold and 10% nickel, 5% zinc, and 10% ligula. In the case of gray-white gold, it will be composed of yellow gold, 17% iron, and 8% copper.


On metals, paints, and jewelry

As we explained - the differences between the gold colors depend on the composition of the metals from which they are made so that the color does not affect the price of the jewelry and in most cases, the customer will choose the gold jewelry due to its appearance. And personal preferences.

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