What do you really know about diamonds

So what do you know about diamonds?

Want to surprise and excite those you truly love by wearing diamond earrings for a woman? A second before you make this sensitive and wonderful choice you may want to understand what can make the pair of earrings perfect - all thanks to attached diamonds that will upgrade the look by tens of thousands of counters.

So what comes first why and what is important for you to know? OMER, help you choose the most empowering and perfect piece of jewelry, especially the most worthwhile diamond from the great offer.

Just before you give diamond earrings to a spouse or girlfriend, let's talk about the diamond that comes from nature and its "cleanliness" will be determined only by a gemologist who understands and can on the way examine the flaws and tell you how much your investment is worth.

Of all the services here, OMER Jewelry will provide you with all the information and thus the price will be determined only according to the cleanliness of the requested jewelry.


What color do you like? Diamond earrings in a variety of options?

If you choose to go for earrings with a colorless diamond, then you are one of the lovers of the "clean" diamond. As mentioned, the cleaner the quality.

On the other hand, if you fancy colored diamond earrings, then you can choose them in brown, black, red, and even yellow or blue - all depending on your budget and rating.


How much does it cost and how are diamond earrings priced in colors?

Pricing for colored diamond earrings will be by color type and dominance (including its scattering throughout the diamond spaces).

The color rating will range from white D which will be considered more unique, E without shade which will also be considered rarer, F which will give the white tone, H-G which will give a tone of light hue, J L also has a subtle white color to K which will be considered very delicate.

Also, when choosing diamond earrings you may come across medium colors like M and if you want to go for the milder hue you can always go towards N.

By and large, at every stage of choosing the colors if you find it difficult to do it alone, the professionals of OMER Jewelry will be happy to assist at every stage from the selection to the time of purchase.

The connection between polishing shine and beauty - OMER Jewelry

As with any stage, the polishing and cutting stages are extremely critical as they are the ones that will determine how much the diamonds will sparkle and shine out of the new gold earrings you purchase. Have you chosen a business that will polish and perform all the tasks most professionally? Here is the proof that even a diamond stone can utilize all its capabilities to the fullest and at the same time spread light everywhere.


how much does it weigh? When a craft of thought meets diamond earrings for a woman

Carat is the next step and it refers to the weight of diamonds or gold. By weight, one carat means 0.2 grams or 20 points in number (a way to provide a weight estimate for a small diamond).

As mentioned, the larger the diamond or the heavier the gold weight, the higher the price when referring to both the diamond and the metal itself.

So whether you choose gold or diamonds, all you need now are service providers who will sell you the best and alongside the best expertise will allow for the right price based on accuracy, cleanliness, and real weight!

Looking for diamond earrings for a woman? Do not know what to choose? OMER Jewelry presents you with the best masterpieces selected and has gone through all the processes so that you can receive or give the masterpiece to anyone you choose.

OMER jewelry is amazing! Now it's your turn to pamper those you truly love.


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