, After a lot of questions from our customers
We decided to gather all the questions and answers in one place :

Do you have a store / where is your store located?
We are a boutique studio that produces diamond jewelry according to our
customers' orders, their sizes, and their budget.
Are the diamonds / and the gems/gold real?
So yes, all of our raw materials are the most prestigious materials that nature can offer a man
Omar, the owner of the brand, has an international diploma from a certified gemologist who carefully examines all the diamonds that come into work with us for you will be the perfect gift to give to your loved ones

NO! Israel and the US have signed a Free Trading Agreement setting 0% Customs charges while a US citizen buys Fine Jewelry from Israel.
prices for U.S customers are already included in the ETSY bill.
for all other countries, taxes may apply, each country has a different tax, according to your country.
for all other countries, taxes may apply, each country has different taxes, according to your country.

Product Guarantee

Our products have a lifetime product guarantee on the jewelry and the small diamonds. This excludes main stones. Please contact us regarding any questions you may have on this subject.

Can I custom design a piece of jewelry?

Of course. We are up to any challenge. Designing jewelry to a client's satisfaction is a tricky business. One has to get to know the likes and dislikes of his clients exceptionally well. That is our philosophy: each client is a friend. We pay special attention to details while we ask specific questions to help us design the perfect and desirable piece.

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